May 29, 2011

Track the Body to Animate Characters Using One Camera

Most major animations use motion capture these days but it requires thousands of dollars for cameras and other equipment. That is because most motion capture is for 3D animation. But you can get amazing results using motion capture for 2D animation. I like the results more than 3D motion capture because it looks a lot like old-school cell animation in that there is a lot of stretch and squash, exaggerated movement and animation with a lot of character and life.

This video is about motion capture of a moving actor's body (rather that motion capture of face.) I hope the independent animator realizes that they can start motion capturing. I'm developing the technique of motion capture for 2D because I'm looking for ways to put more life into my animation. I think animation should be direct, intuitive, and have a feeling of spontaneity. Animation is about the quality of movement. With motion capture YOU can control many points of movement at once. If you follow this approach your animations will look amazing and get people's attention.

The fact that motion capture for 2D is not exact is more of an advantage than disadvantage, similar to how hand drawn is an advantage over photography.

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